How To Improve Your Wellbeing During The Lockdown

How To Improve Your Wellbeing During The Lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak has upended almost every aspect of our everyday lives: from our work to our social lives, the pandemic has changed everything.

One of the most significant developments has been the lockdown, with the UK Government insisting that everyone stays at home and only travels for essential reasons, such as buying food and taking care of a vulnerable individual.

This chaos and uncertainty can cause stress and lead to problems with almost every aspect of your health.

TheLifestyleHut understands that you want to feel better and keep yourself healthy during this crisis, which is why we’ve put together a list of helpful tips on how you can improve your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown.

Find Easy Ways To Comfort Yourself

When you think of comforting someone in distress, you probably think of cuddling a child when they throw a tantrum or supporting a friend who’s having a tough time.

It’s not just others who deserve comfort when they’re upset; you also need to be comforted when you’re struggling with negative thoughts.

Comfort can come from hugs and kind words from someone else, but it can also come from within and from actions you undertake. Try listing all the things you’re thankful for when you find yourself struggling to stay cheerful, or reminding yourself of how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve been working.

Another great way to bring yourself some comfort during these stressful times is to give yourself a massage. Physical contact can be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating, but it can be hard to come by when you’re living alone and unable to visit your friends and family.


Simple actions such as these might not seem significant, but they can have a profound impact on your mental health. Keeping yourself calm and relaxed is imperative right now, as your mental health is directly connected to your immune system

Therefore, by improving your mental wellbeing, you will also increase your body’s chances of fighting off any infections or illnesses that it will encounter. With a fatal virus currently on the loose, now has never been a better time to focus on keeping your immune system working efficiently, and that means staying calm and reducing the stress you experience.

Drink More Water

Water accounts for around half of our bodies, but many individuals still forget to drink enough water to stay healthy.

Experts recommend that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day, but you should aim to drink even more than that if possible.

Water isn’t always the tastiest drink, but it’s more refreshing and hydrating than processed drinks such as soft drinks and juice. These products also contain a high level of sugar, and as such, they can contribute to weight gain and other health issues.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, then try drinking very weak squash or tea instead. Alternatively, you could infuse your water with a slice of fresh fruit, to give you a naturally sweet taste without as much added sugar.

Get Better Sleep

Stress, anxiety and a general feeling of confinement can all contribute towards insomnia. Sleep is vital for all aspects of your health, so you must do everything you can to improve it.

While you can’t change the pandemic and the stress you feel, you might be able to change your nighttime routine to make it more soothing and guide you off to a restful night’s sleep.

Try using L'Oréal Age Perfect Re-Hydrating Day Cream to hydrate your skin and let your skin breathe while you have a lovely relaxing sleep. When you wake up you face will feel invigorated. You can also try Ashwagandha Botanical Complex, this popular synergistic combination of herbs, roots, reishi mushroom and vitamins contains vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12 which has been proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue and restore the body's normal homocysteine metabolism. Amongst a host of other benefits this can also ensure a good night's sleep.

Try to get into the habit of going to bed at a particular time and doing specific, relaxing tasks, such as reading or having a bath, before bed. As your body becomes familiar with your routine, it will see these activities as signals that it is time to go to sleep.


Keep An Eye On Your Health

Being forced to stay at home, without access to facilities such as the gym, can cause significant changes in your overall health.

From your weight and stamina through to your sleep cycle, everything in your life will change, as this article discusses.

While these tips will help you to improve your overall health and wellbeing, it’s also important that you monitor the situation over the coming months for signs of change.

You also need to monitor your weight and diet during the lockdown. While it’s understandable that you might want to enjoy more processed comfort foods, you need to make sure that you don’t gain too much weight.

A good and stable immune system can help avoid and fight against serious health complications, including being more in danger of severe complications if you catch the Coronavirus. You can make changes to improve your health as and when you need to. TheLifestyleHut offers a truly remarkable product called Turmeric Herbal Combo which  is a unique combination of organic turmeric powder with synergistic extracts, herbs and nutrients, which supports immunity, lower levels of inflammation, joint and bone health as well as energy levels, cognitive function, hormonal balance, acid-base metabolism, macronutrient metabolism, nails, skin, hair and more.


Staying safe and keeping yourself healthy is crucial during the pandemic, but it can be a challenge. Use these tips to improve your wellness regime and make yourself feel more energized and ready to face whatever life throws at you.
If you’re still struggling to deal with the changing situation, or you’d like more information on any of our products and how they can help, please get in touch. Our team love to talk about improving your lifestyle and wellbeing!

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